Painters and Decorators: Common Painting Mistakes by Cyrus Tooke

Painters and Decorators: Common Painting Mistakes


Painting the house is a very rewarding undertaking especially if it meets all the expectations of the homeowner. Not only does it increase the property’s value but it also improves the mood of the owner. There are many things to consider when planning to paint and decorate the house. If the house is big or if the color scheme is complicated, it would take more time to plan and consider all aspects that will affect the outcome of the task. Hiring professional painters and decorators will immensely help in ensuring that it is done properly. These professional painters and decorators can also provide additional tips that could help the project. Here are five important things to consider before painting a room.

The first thing to consider is lighting. If the room's walls are currently white or another light color, painting the room with a darker hue will affect the current lighting scheme. Check if there’s a need to add additional lighting. If so, save energy and choose a color on the lighter side. Next is longevity. Part of decorating the house in an eco-friendly way is considering which items and designs will withstand scrutiny over time. If a homeowner is not completely sold on a color, then it is better not to go with it. The homeowner would only end up repainting it in a year, wasting time, money and resources. Another important aspect is traffic. If an area is used or passed by frequently, it is better to use dark colors. White hallways and entryways will show wear and tear relatively quick. Avoid unnecessary cleaning by choosing a low-maintenance color. Also consider the budget that will be used. There are materials that are expensive but have high quality. Others are cheap but would easily wear after a year. There are some color schemes that can help in saving paint money. Ask the contractor for practical advices on how to reduce costs while painting the room. Lastly, another important consideration is the color scheme. In choosing a color scheme, some people try to match it with their personality. They pick the colors that not only suit their taste but also describe their character. There are many color schemes available to choose from.

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